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  • UX research
  • App Development
  • React & Remix
  • Design (UX / UI)

A Community-Driven Digital Archive

In partnership with long time collaborator Year0001, we created YEAR0001 INDEX, a new platform that represents a significant step in digital community engagement.

Our collaborative efforts began with a closed Alpha phase, involving around 700 users in the initial development. This process was key in ensuring that the platform truly reflected the community's needs and vision. As we transitioned to the public beta of version 1.0.0, the platform continues to evolve, shaped by the insights and contributions of its users.

INDEX is envisioned as a living digital archive, evolving with the community's input and guiding us toward the future of YEAR0001. It's more than just a platform; it's a testament to the power of community and collaboration in the digital era.

A platform, designed to connect Year0001 with its dedicated online community

This platform stands out for its Wiki-like functionality, enabling users to actively contribute and modify content. It provides a dedicated space for Year0001 to share their story, away from the constraints of algorithm-driven social media, fostering a genuine connection with their audience.

Curious to know how we can help you?

We are always eager to work on new and exciting projects. We can help you further develop everything from a vague idea to a finished and set project scope. Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll tell you more. Both digital or why not over a cup of coffee in our office in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Selected Work

Find more cases that represents the wide range of competencies at Amöba.


App development for a brand new digital matching service made for the elderly care by Omsorgsförmedlingen

Swedish Fashion Council

Crafting a future-ready identity and website for the Swedish Fashion Council

Plåt & Ventbyrån

New visual identity and website for Plåt & Ventbyrån – the sheet metal and ventilation industry's own organization for education and recruitment

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