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Rebranding and new website

Swedish Fashion Council

What we did

  • Development
  • Visual Identity
  • Tone of Voice
  • Design (UX / UI)
  • Branding

At Amöba, we take pride in our collaborative approach and dedication to understanding our clients' goals.

When the Swedish Fashion Council (SFC) approached us, they had a clear vision of establishing Sweden as the global leader in the fashion industry's new era. They were determined to promote, educate, innovate, and we were excited to be a part of their journey.

The SFC is driving the fashion industry towards a more sustainable and competitive future.

Their commitment to fostering change through the SFC Incubator and other key initiatives highlighted the need for a refreshed brand identity that would reflect their ambitious mission.

Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the world of SFC, where we spent time understanding their core values, the challenges they aim to address, and their vision for the future of fashion. Working closely with the SFC team, we developed a new logo, color palette, and font that would capture their modern and forward-thinking ethos.

With the visual identity in place, it was time to tackle the website. Our goal was to create a digital experience that would not only showcase SFC's refreshed branding but also serve as a platform for promoting, educating, and innovating within the fashion industry. We crafted a website that is both visually stunning and highly functional, with intuitive navigation that speaks to their target audience.

The outcome of our collaboration with the Swedish Fashion Council is a cohesive brand identity and digital presence that truly embodies their commitment to driving change in the global fashion industry.

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Selected Work

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App development for a brand new digital matching service made for the elderly care by Omsorgsförmedlingen

Plåt & Ventbyrån

New visual identity and website for Plåt & Ventbyrån – the sheet metal and ventilation industry's own organization for education and recruitment

Arkdes Digital Exhibition

Virtual showroom for the Swedish center for architecture and design, made in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic

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