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Human hearts and digital brains

Amöba is a full-service digital product and design agency that was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, during the summer of 2019 by Julia Wallin and Sofia Shiervani. At Amöba, we believe in the powerful fusion of technology, creativity, and culture to develop digital experiences and brands that leave lasting impressions - from initial concept to seamless code.

Collaboration give better results than working in silos

Amöba was born from a perceived gap in the landscape of digital agencies in Stockholm — the need for a truly collaborative partner. Built on the strong conviction that meaningful products and services stem from close cooperation between client and agency, Amöba cherishes this partnership. While our clients are experts in their respective domains, Amöba excels in the digital realm. We believe that by merging these areas of expertise, we can create something truly great.

Curious to know how we can help you?

We are always eager to work on new and exciting projects. We can help you further develop everything from a vague idea to a finished and set project scope. Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll tell you more. Both digital or why not over a cup of coffee in our office in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

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