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Plåt & Ventbyrån

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  • UX research
  • Website Development
  • Illustrations
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  • Logotype design
  • Visual Identity

New visual identity and website for an organisation in need of renewal

Plåt & Ventbyrån’s mission is to get more people to train and educate to become sheet metal workers and ventilation fitters. This by attracting more pupils to the trades and ensuring the educations available are kept and maintained with the highest quality.

Plåt & ventbyrån was in need of modernizing their brand and website

The visual identity of Plåt & Ventbyrån, unchanged for over a decade, was ripe for an update. With the continuous evolution of their industry and the challenge of attracting workers, modernizing their brand was crucial to differentiate and ignite interest in the two professions. Given the common lack of understanding about these roles, Amöba faced the complex task of ensuring the updated branding and website would resonate with a broad range of individuals.

One of the challenges we encountered was harmonizing the representation of the two distinct professions catered to by Plåt & Ventbyrån: sheet metal workers and ventilation fitters. To those in the know, these are two vastly different vocations, each requiring its own unique set of techniques and skills. Although they might contribute to the same project, the difference between them are significant.

Consequently, our mission was to set a visual strategy that provided equal representation to both professions in the branding. To accomplish this, we incorporated two sets of shapes into the design. The first set evokes thoughts of wind and ventilation, while the second is suggestive of sheet metal and roofing. The result is the set of shapes you see below.

Personas were developed to identify both shared characteristics and distinct differences among the target audiences

The website needed to house heavy content catered for the different target audiences

Once we had clearly defined the personas, we could focus on crafting a user experience (UX) for the platform that would meet the diverse needs of its visitors. Our primary objective was to design journeys that considered not only the two distinct professions, but also the various audience roles, which ranged from teachers and interested students to members of the trade and industry. Some users had a clear idea of the information they sought, while others were looking to explore and find inspiration. By conducting comprehensive user research and interviews, we were able to identify key insights and create an optimal UX that thoughtfully took all these factors into account.

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