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Arkdes Digital Exhibition

What we did

  • Development
  • Digital Storytelling
  • UI / UX
  • Headless CMS

Digital storytelling made available for all

Amöba proudly partnered with ArkDes, Sweden's esteemed national center for architecture and design, to craft a digitally translated exhibition for Sigurd Lewerentz. As a museum, knowledge hub, and discussion platform for future architecture and design, ArkDes required a digital solution that would seamlessly integrate all aspects of the multifaceted identity of Lewerentz.

Through thoughtful collaboration, we were able to bring ArkDes' vision to life, creating a virtual space that invites users to explore, learn, and engage with from a desktop, tablet or their phone.

The effects of the pandemic made it difficult for visitors to experience exhibitions physically

The aim of the project was to make the Sigurd Lewerentz exhibition at ArkDes available to all people who were not able to visit the space physically. A map of the actual exhibition was made available to us at Amöba, and by working closely with the team at ArkDes we could find common grounds and ways of translating the work digitally. Seven rooms where to be translated, with each room having its own theme and agenda.

The material given to us from the exhibition was interesting but at times also challenging to translate into a digital space. We hade a lot of beautiful images made available to us from the archives at ArkDes. And by mapping out the common grounds from each of the seven rooms we found red threads that we could translate digitally in the storytelling.

With this now identified we then translated the work into wireframes in order to see what best UX suited the platform the most. The key here was to ensure ArkDes wide range of target audience would equally be catered in the platform – i.e we wanted the site to look visually pleasing but without overcomplicating the journey. Easy and intuitive navigation was the aim!

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Selected Work

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