As a digital agency with long time experience in the field, we have worked with a wide variety of businesses with the common goal to digitalize. Here are some of our best tips on how to make it happen!

  1. Define your core

    What does your business offer to the world? How do you present it and why is it valuable to the customer? Make sure to dig deep into the purpose of your business, to expand the realm of possibilities on how it can be translated to a digital context. If you haven't already, try using the classic Golden Circle or creating a Mission Statement.

    It’s important that you have both your core value, mission and offer crystal clear within the organization. This way, you’re not limiting yourself to a single solution – and might even discover ways to expand your business!

  2. Explore existing technologies

    When it comes to the internet, you almost never have to “reinvent the wheel” – there are tons of existing digital services and technologies that you can use! Instead of elaborating on the exact digital service you would need to take your business model online, try reversing the perspective and list some existing digital tools, and think of how you could start using them right away.

    You can save both time and resources by looking at already made, out-of-the-box solutions that you can adapt to your needs. Sometimes, the kind of tool you need is just a Google search away!

  3. Decide on an MVP

    The digital parts of your business will probably be as ever-evolving and dynamic as your business as a whole, with constant feedback and incoming requests from both employees and users.

    Building the perfect product/service in one go will never happen, as it's impossible to fully predict how things will be used in the long run. You can put tons of time into an extensive requirements phase, but making sure to define the foundation of what you should be building is a good first step – this is what’s usually referred to as an MVP (minimum viable product).

    Contrary to what many think, an MVP should not be a half finished version of the desired outcome, but rather something that is stable and reliable enough to give your audience satisfaction. Once the product/service is out there and being used in real time, it's much easier to know what your next priority should be.

  4. Who (and where) is the user?

    Oftentimes we go about things on auto-pilot, without really having the time or energy to take a closer look at our target group’s day to day activities. But you might be missing out!

    The current Covid-19 pandemic has hastily and globally forced people to explore new ways of communicating and being online, both within business organisations and regular day-to-day life. Take some time to investigate and analyze your target groups new digital routines. Are they scrolling Instagram way more? Did they start using Zoom to video chat with coworkers and friends? Did they jump on the latest TikTok dance trend?

    Keep up with where your target audience is, and try to think of ways to connect and digitalize through these channels. By doing this, you make sure that you’re meeting your target group through a medium they’re comfortable using and already spending time on.

  5. Make the most out of what you have!

    Another way to save time, money and resources is to look at what digital tools and services you already have. For instance, you might have a simple WordPress page up for your website that you’re a bit familiar with. Ask yourself what components you already have that can be reused to create new content on the site, or what plugin you could use to broaden your digital presence. For example, Intercom and Tidio offer services that enable customer chat and interaction at your website with just some simple steps. There are often endless ways to customize and extend your platform with a very tiny amount of code (and often none at all).

If you want further suggestions, inspiration or help to digitalize your business, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! At Amöba, we have extensive experience in a wide variety of business fields, and can provide all of the services you need for a successful digitalization. Get in touch at or call our project manager Sofia directly at +46 73-953 43 40‬. Our office is in the heart of Stockholm in Gamla Stan where we always love to grab a coffee IRL, but the digital equivalent will do for now. Since we can’t offer any swedish fika-bröd digitally, we promise a good pun from Göteborg instead!